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When an Aging Parent Relies on Home Care Options, but Needs Your Help to Find the Right One, Who’s Really Hiring This Caregiver?

Your father would do well with a home care aide. You’ve known for some time home care options would be the best thing moving forward, but you’ve been reluctant for whatever reason to press the subject more than you have. Now, though, with the stress pressing down on you, this is the time to talk about it more fervently.

Home Care for Seniors in Manhasset NY: Hiring Home Care

Home Care for Seniors in Manhasset NY: Hiring Home Care

Your father has been dependent on you for quite some time. Before you stepped in to help, he was leaning on your mother. Maybe she passed away several months ago and it’s been a difficult transition for everyone involved.

You might have a full-time career, you may be raising children of your own, and you may have other responsibilities to take care of. Home care through an agency is truly the best option for him and you.

You plan on helping him hire somebody, but who is really doing the hiring?

You may have contacted the agency, spoken to the administrators, and met with a couple of prospective home care aides, and whether you’ve already talked about this with him or not, this ultimately comes down to his choice.

No matter how much legwork and effort you’ve put into looking for a reliable and dependable home care provider, if your father is lucid and cogent, this is his choice. He is the one who will decide (or should decide) on which caregiver to hire.

Even if you’re the one who ultimately makes the choice, keep in mind this is still his decision. When we begin enforcing our ideas, pushing our agenda on another individual, senior or otherwise, we remove their autonomy and independence.

For many aging seniors, there is a strong fear of losing more independence.

As people age and begin dealing with physical challenges, health issues, and other related circumstances, they feel themselves losing independence more acutely than many of us who are younger and healthier can even fathom.

Your father may be concerned that hiring someone to come into the house and support him means he will be losing even more autonomy and independence. As long as he realizes that caregiver will work for him, that this is his decision, it can be empowering.

Help him understand the value in home care if he doesn’t already know it. Help him with the process. Even if you have to do all the legwork, ultimately make sure he realizes this is his decision in the end. It will be empowering and he will have a much more positive outlook on home care overall.

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