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Top Items to Consider Before Hiring In-Home Care Services

Top Items to Consider Before Hiring In-Home Care

Top Items to Consider Before Hiring In-Home Care

When aging parents reach a time that they need care, keeping them at home is one of the best and most preferred options. To do this, you will need to research hiring in-home care providers. While you may feel that you can do all the caregiving yourself, the fact is…you will probably need help.

Caring for an aging loved-one requires much time and effort and can easily lead to burn-out without the help of a reputable, loving in-home care provider. Hiring a senior caregiver for your loved-one is important for their health and your peace of mind. Knowing that your aging parent is being cared for by a professional will ease your own responsibilities and allow you to give your loved-one the best quality of life.

Before considering a home care agency or registry, it’s important to educate yourself about a few things to get “the big picture” of what is needed and how home care works.

You want to make sure you hire the best service provider who will live up to all your expectations, and then some!

To begin with, it’s vital to have a clearly written set of questions and desired responsibilities of the in-home caregiver.

This should include all the tasks you want the in-home caregiver to complete during their shift. For example, they may be required to do light cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, bathing and dressing your loved-one and more.

Be clear about the hours needed. 

Before making any changes to the daily routine and responsibilities, be sure to communicate this the caregiver and the agency. It’s all about teamwork! This could include extra hours or additional duties.

Interview more than one home care agency.

Conduct several interviews to find the right match for your senior’s needs and personality. Once you have selected an agency to work with, they will help you with the caregiver selection process. Once a caregiver is chosen, you may want to have a trial period to make sure this really is the best fit. A trial period should last about three weeks. In this time, you and your loved-one will be able to assess the caregiver’s work and the relationship between your loved-one and the caregiver. You will also develop a relationship with the home care agency or registry who provides the caregiver.

Look at the reputation of the Home Care Agency

Another important consideration is the reputation of the home care agency. Have you read their client testimonials? A home care agency’s reputation tells you whether past clients have had a positive experience, which provides you with valuable information about the quality of the agency’s services. You can learn about an agency’s reputation by asking for referrals, reading testimonials and researching the agency online.


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