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The Lengthy Aid and Attendance Approval Process Can Frustrate Many Veterans in Need of Home Care Services

Veterans have had to deal with far too many challenges in getting proper care and support when needed most. For aging veterans who desperately need home care services but can’t afford it on their own, they may turn to a certain pension called the Aid and Attendance benefit for help.

Care for Aging Veterans in Cranford NJ: The Aid and Attendance Approval Process

Care for Aging Veterans in Cranford NJ: The Aid and Attendance Approval Process

The process might take months.

Unbeknownst to some elderly veterans, the application and approval process for Aid and Attendance benefits could take many, many months. In fact, there are reports that some veterans waited nine months or longer to find out whether they were approved.

An elderly veteran who is unsafe living alone could find himself in a precarious situation simply by waiting that long. After all, nine months is an extremely long time for someone with diminished physical capacity or a serious health issue to go without required and necessary home care support.

The VA does offer reimbursements.

For veterans who qualify for Aid and Attendance pension benefits, the VA does offer reimbursements for home care services provided while the application was pending. This is based on the assumption the pension will be approved, which is not always a guarantee.

If the veteran is confident he or she will qualify for this particular pension, they should reach out to a home care agency to begin receiving necessary services after they’ve submitted the application. If they do need assistance in filling out the application, they may be able to get some of that from an agency or other support network that has direct experience helping veterans with this process.

Never pay for help filling out this application.

There are numerous organizations and individuals advertising their services in submitting Aid and Attendance applications. Anyone who charges for help in this matter should be avoided. That’s because the VA may penalize veterans who pay for assistance in filling out and submitting these applications.

Some of these unscrupulous firms and individuals promise guaranteed approval and charge upwards of $10,000 in some cases for their assistance. They rationalize that an Aid and Attendance approval could equal tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in support for qualifying veterans over the course of many years.

There are plenty of nonprofit organizations and others, including some home care agencies, that may be able to provide some level of help and won’t charge anything.

Whether the veteran receives help or not, if they are highly confident they’ll receive approval for this pension, they might be able to get the help they need now, while the application is pending.

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