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Supplementing Help from Adult Children with Home Care Services

Adult children and spouses are usually the first people to step up and help aging and disabled individuals. They feel it’s their responsibility. They have a close personal relationship with this individual and want to be there for them, no matter what the cost. If this adult child, for example, lives in the same town, it is far more likely he or she is going to be the primary caregiver of this aging parent. However, as life is incredibly busy these days, it’s important to realize the value of home care support services.

Home Care for Seniors in Spokane Valley WA: Supplementing Help from Adult Children

Home Care for Seniors in Spokane Valley WA: Supplementing Help from Adult Children

What can home care aides offer?

First and foremost, many caregivers who work for home care agencies are incredibly experienced at this job. They are kind, compassionate, caring individuals who have worked with numerous elderly and disabled clients through months and possibly even years of doing this type of work.

That can offer a great deal of insight for not only improving safety for aging clients in their home, but also encouraging them to stay as active as they want to be, within reason.

Second, they offer physical support. These home care aides can assist elderly clients when they have to get up from a chair, get out of bed, go to the bathroom, take a shower, and even go to the store or a doctor’s appointment. Not every home care aide will be able to offer transportation services, but many of them do.

Third, they can offer flexibility. Agencies offered some of the best flexibility when it comes to scheduling hours for support services. If an adult child or a spouse is supporting this aging senior themselves, they might wish somebody could stop by in the morning to get them ready for the day.

A home care aide could do that, working for just a couple of hours each morning to assist the elderly client out of bed, into the shower, to get dressed, get breakfast going, and be established for the day ahead.

Another benefit home care offers is comfort.

Some seniors or their adult children may be uncomfortable assisting with personal, intimate matters like bathing or toileting. A home care aide is a professional who approaches this job with that type of attitude (a professional one). That can be much more comfortable for an elderly man or woman compared to leaning on their adult daughter or son to assist with some of those more personal details.

Home care is one of the best options for men and women across the country who need help, even if they are primarily depending on a spouse, adult child, or even a close personal friend.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care for seniors in Spokane Valley, WA, please contact the friendly staff at Love at Home Senior Care, today. Call (509) 204-4088