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Sleep Is an Integral Component of Recovery for Seniors

The average adult should be getting between seven and nine hours of sleep every night in order to stay healthy. There are plenty of individuals who assume they can get by just fine on four or five hours of sleep, or even less, when necessary. Many parents of infants and toddlers go through sleep deprivation and grow accustomed to the problem. However, even though they may learn to acclimate to this lack of sleep, it is not doing anything to benefit their health.

Care for Aging Veterans:  Sleep and Recovery

Care for Aging Veterans: Sleep and Recovery

For seniors, especially those who were recently hospitalized, sleep becomes just as important to the recovery process as anything else they do. Sleep is so important for people of all ages, including seniors, because it allows the body to rest and recuperate.

It also gives the brain an opportunity to refresh.

If a person was recently hospitalized following injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident, they may have suffered broken bones, lacerations, and other injuries. When they have those bones set, a cast is put on their leg or perhaps their arm, and they have basically been directed by their doctor to take it easy for a while, if they don’t sleep well, if they are suffering from insomnia, or are feeling the side effects of certain medications that make it difficult for them to sleep, they need to speak up to their doctor.

They need to let him or her know what is going on because if they don’t, their body is simply not getting the full opportunity to recuperate.

If a person has been directed to exercise, sleep becomes even more essential.

Exercise uses up calories. It consumes energy and vital nutrients. Some of that energy is recuperated during the sleep phase. If a person only gets a couple of hours of sleep at night or has fitful rest, they will likely wake up feeling run down, fatigued, and low on energy.

Suddenly, the desire to exercise once again, even though it could be crucial to the recovery process, is much lower. When a person is having difficulty sleeping soundly through the night, they should consult their doctor because there may be other strategies to be implemented to help them relax, unwind, and allow their body to slip down into the circadian rhythm of sleep.

Anyone who is not sleeping well and is trying to recover after hospitalization may actually be reducing the chances of a healthy and strong recovery.

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