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Security Cameras May Improve Safety for Some Seniors at Home, but Recognize and Acknowledge Their Limits (and the Senior’s Privacy)

More and more people are installing simple home security systems throughout their homes. Even if they choose not to go the home security route, they may be installing security cameras that can be mounted over exterior doors, inside the house, and in other places around the property. This can certainly provide great mental relief for some, but they’re also being used to “keep an eye on” aging parents and other family members who may be living alone or dealing with increased physical challenges.

Senior Home Safety in Greer SC: Security Cameras

Senior Home Safety in Greer SC: Security Cameras

Modern technology has created numerous benefits for helping people stay safer at home. For seniors, safety can and often is a major concern as they get older. This is exacerbated the older a person is and the greater their health challenges and physical limitations might be.

When an adult child, sibling, or other member in the family has an opportunity to keep an eye on this person remotely, just checking to make sure they haven’t fallen or are not struggling with something else and need help immediately, that can be a great relief.

It can also pose certain privacy concerns.

Maybe the aging senior doesn’t speak up enough about the concerns he or she has regarding these cameras installed throughout the house. Maybe it’s an uncomfortable situation for this person, not knowing when or how often their adult child or possibly even a friend is “looking in” on them.

Even though an elderly person may have given their full consent and approval for a camera or two (or more) to be installed throughout the house just in case there’s a slip and fall accident or they were concerned about a break-in or something else happening, that doesn’t mean they are completely comfortable with the situation.

Think about it from your perspective.

When installing any type of security camera inside or outside the house, even with the best of intentions, put yourself in that senior’s place. Imagine what it might be like for you to wake up in the morning and see a dead glass eye staring at you.

Would you be comfortable? Would you know whether or not that camera was on, whether somebody was actually looking at you in that very moment, or if you should do anything like wave or smile?

What if you were about to entertain a guest, have a friend come over, or were not completely covered for whatever reason? It’s important to maintain dignity and respect as well as privacy when utilizing any type of security cameras or other systems as a means to improve safety for seniors at home.

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