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Pets Can Be a Benefit -or a Liability- for Seniors Returning Home from the Hospital

Michael certainly wasn’t thrilled to be in the hospital. Yet, at 73, it wasn’t a complete surprise. He had been noticing his strength declining over the years. There were some things he did easily just five years ago that were now an overwhelming challenge. Still, he never thought twice about getting up on a step ladder to check the smoke detector. When his leg gave out and he toppled over, he felt his chest crashing to the bar of the stepladder and actually heard a couple of those ribs crack.

Reduce Hospital Readmissions Bartlett TN - Pets Can Be a Benefit -or a Liability- for Seniors Returning Home from the Hospital

Reduce Hospital Readmissions Bartlett TN – Pets Can Be a Benefit -or a Liability- for Seniors Returning Home from the Hospital

Subsequently, he spent three days in the hospital.

Aside from some significant bruises, the most extensive injuries were those broken ribs. His doctor told him to take it easy, that it would be a while before they healed, and he would have to avoid exerting himself too much. Michael took the recommendation seriously and returned home after his discharge.

He wasn’t thinking about readmission rates or anything like that.

Michael could not envision himself having to be readmitted in the hospital, not just within 30 days, but within the next couple of years. He went through a battery of tests and scans and it was determined he was still strong and fit. There were no issues with his heart, his arteries were good, and everything looked pretty decent.

He just needed to take it easy and allow his body to heal.

Living alone, Michael had a penchant for dogs. He had two dogs, both of them considered relatively large. While they had a run outside and a fenced in yard, he still enjoyed taking them, one at a time, for quick walks down the street and back.

He knew this was going to be difficult, and instead of trying to push things too much, he took a break for a week. He didn’t know if the dogs understood what was going on, but they never really complained too much. Of course, they wouldn’t be able to.

After a week home from the hospital, Michael took one dog for a quick walk down to the end of the driveway and back. It was uneventful and he felt fine. The dog didn’t pull too hard. He felt as though the dogs were also helping him recover because they offered him the emotional support he wasn’t getting anywhere else.

He went to take the second dog, slightly smaller, for a short walk, but when it pulled hard, it caused him to lose his balance and crash to the sidewalk. Fortunately for Michael, a neighbor was wandering by, spotted him, and assisted him. He ended up back in the hospital and realized that a pet could be a great asset, but there were also liabilities for those who are trying to recover after a hospitalization.

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