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Senior Home Safety

Security Cameras May Improve Safety for Some Seniors at Home, but Recognize and Acknowledge Their Limits (and the Senior’s Privacy)

Senior Home Safety in Greer SC: Security Cameras

More and more people are installing simple home security systems throughout their homes. Even if they choose not to go the home security route, they may be installing security cameras that can be mounted over exterior doors, inside the house, and in other places around the property. This can certainly provide great mental relief for…

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Staying Mentally Sharp Can Do More Than Just Improve Brain Function: It May Also Improve Safety for Seniors at Home

Senior Home Safety in Ada MI: Staying Mentally Sharp

People often overlook the importance of safety at home. This goes for younger adults as well as seniors. However, safety for seniors can become compromised with age, health issues, and other factors. People have a tendency to react slowly to the changes in their physical capabilities. They keep pushing themselves, trying to still do things…

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An Unsafe Home Could Lead to a Hospital Readmission

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Hamilton NJ: Home Safety

January is Bath Safety Month and when talking about safety, some aging seniors returning home from a brief or extended hospital stay may have diminished strength. With diminished strength comes balance related problems. With balance related problems comes safety concerns. The most dangerous room in the house. The bathroom is the most dangerous room in…

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