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Recovering from a Stroke Will Require Diligence

A stroke can be devastating. It can run the gamut from being relatively minor, leaving no long-term ramifications, to significant. No matter how old a person is when they have a stroke, it could require months and months of recovery, which may include physical therapy, intense exercise, a change of diet, and around-the-clock care and…

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5 Basic Things to Know About Aid and Attendance and How This May Affect an Aging Veteran in Need of Home Care Services

Care for Aging Veterans in Lancaster PA: 5 Basic Things to Know About Aid and Attendance

The Aid and Attendance Benefit can be an invaluable resource for veterans and their families, especially when home care is needed. There are a number of things people should understand about the Aid and Attendance pension program, made available through the VA. Below are five important things to understand that can help aging veterans and…

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Caring for Someone with Pneumonia

Caregiver Stress in Spring Branch TX: When A Parent Is Angry At You

Somebody in your family was recently diagnosed with pneumonia. Perhaps it was a close friend or even your next-door neighbor. You want to make sure this aging individual has the right support, and you might take it upon yourself to check in on them, help do a few things around the house so they rest,…

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