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Finding Ways to Make Home Safer for a Senior with Dementia

Senior Home Safety in Aventura FL: Dementia and Safety

A senior having been diagnosed with dementia can pose numerous challenges for family and friends. Many of those men and women surrounding these seniors want what’s best for them. It might be a spouse, adult children, siblings, or close friends who live nearby. Shortly after diagnosis, many of these people rally around those seniors and…

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Most People Don’t See Caregiver Stress Sneaking Up on Them

Home Care for Seniors in Norwood MA: Balancing Work and Caregiving

Have you ever had that weird feeling somebody was following you? They usually come upon us when we’re alone, in an unfamiliar location, or while we suddenly become acutely aware that we are completely alone. They also seem to come on during those late afternoon, evening, and nighttime hours. It’s this nonsense somebody or something…

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