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Signs an Aging Senior Needs Care and Support at Home

Home Care for Seniors in Philadelphia PA: Signs a Senior Needs Care

It’s not always easy to determine whether an aging parent, grandparent, or somebody else you care about needs help. Sometimes we see signs we assume indicate a person is slowing down physically, beginning to struggle with balance related challenges, or may be unsafe, but we ignore them. It’s at these times when we want to…

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One Symptom of Alzheimer’s That Tends to Catch Family Caregivers by Surprise (and How to Prevent Lasting Emotional Hardships)

Alzheimer's Care in Bensalem PA: Unexpected Outbursts

To put it simply, it’s not going to be easy supporting a family member diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Most people want to be there for these men and women, especially during their time of extreme need and difficulty, but too many family caregivers, including a spouse, adult children, and even siblings, underestimate just how much the…

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Home Care Agencies Offer Families a Vital Lifeline

Home Care for Seniors in Bethlehem PA: A Vital Lifeline

What is a lifeline? The term initially referred to a flotation device tied to a rope that would be carried on ships. If somebody fell overboard, for whatever reason, the ship might take a long time to stop. The larger the ship, the longer the stopping distance. In some cases, it could take well over…

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