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Posts by Carole Chiego

How Can You Know When Home Care Is Necessary?

Home Care for Seniors in Allentown PA: How to Tell When Home Care is Necessary

It’s not always easy to determine when or if extra help is going to be required. When a person is advancing in years, they may have a difficult time not just asking for support and assistance every once in a while, but even recognizing when they need it. Home care is one of the best…

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Three Ways to Include a Senior’s Neighbor in Their Safety

Senior Home Safety in Allentown PA: Including Neighbors

Safety for any senior at home is an important topic to discuss. It’s a great topic to discuss with the rest of the family, with their friends, if they so choose, and possibly even with their neighbors. Neighbors are usually the first line of defense for many people in communities all across the country. Not…

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Don’t Be a Parent to Your Parent: Be a Source of Support

Caregiver Stress in Allentown PA: Supporting Your Parent

Most people have plenty of responsibilities throughout their life. When they notice an aging parent beginning to struggle with their own basic care, it usually means they’ll be concerned about them, worried about their safety, and wondering what they might be able to do to help. Many take on the role of a caregiver. Looking…

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Travel Tips for Seniors Who May Need Help

Senior Home Safety in Allentown PA: Travel Tips

It’s that time of year again. Spring and summer, when families begin traveling. Sure, people travel all year round, but the vast majority of vacations take place during the summer months. That’s because children are usually off from school during July and most of August. For seniors who might be planning to travel or who…

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Simplify Your Life as a Caregiver for Mom

Caregiver Stress in Allentown PA: Life can certainly be complicated. Even before you took on the role of a caregiver for your mother, you may have had so many things going on it was difficult to keep track of all the appointments, jobs that were due, sporting events to take children to, and much more.

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