There are numerous pensions available to veterans from all walks of life that are designed to help them recover from injuries, disabilities, mental health concerns, and more that may or may not have resulted from their time in the service. There are also pensions intended to provide financial support to pay for home care to qualifying veterans, whether they were injured or disabled during active duty service or not. One specific pension is called the Aid and Attendance Benefit and not only can it provide financial support for the veteran, but it can also help his or her dependents when they need care at home.

Care for Aging Veterans in Westwood MA: Pensions to Help with Home Care

Care for Aging Veterans in Westwood MA: Pensions to Help with Home Care

If an aging veteran’s wife is contending with numerous health issues, it can make life more challenging. It’s the same as if the veteran himself was dealing with limited mobility and other challenges and his spouse of many years was trying to support him physically, emotionally, and possibly even mentally. The job of being a caregiver, even if it’s for a close family member, can be physically grueling and lead to tremendous stress and anxiety.

That’s why experienced and qualified home care aides are a valuable asset.

Home care is one of the best options for those who need any type of support at home. Agencies are the best option because they not only provide the most dedicated, compassionate, kind, honest, and dedicated caregivers who have a great deal of experience, they also offer flexibility in scheduling. An aging veteran might be able to hire a home care aide for just a couple of hours in the morning a few days a week to help his wife get ready for the day. He might also be able to hire somebody for a couple of hours in the evening to help her get things settled and ready for bed.

The Aid and Attendance Benefit is not available to all veterans. However, for qualifying veterans, they can receive financial assistance if they require home care support and also some financial assistance if their spouse or other legal dependent also needed this level of care at home.

In order for a veteran to qualify, they must meet specific income and asset requirements, which currently sit at a $119,000 threshold for combined income and assets. Their time of service also needs to have overlapped an official time of combat, as defined by Congress. They need to have served a minimum of two years active duty if any type of their service overlapped the Gulf War, otherwise it is 90 days. They must also be able to document the specific need for home care clearly and, if they have access to one, a recommendation from a primary care physician or other medical professional could be the proof they need.

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